Congressman Who Ridiculed Coronavirus Emergency Bill Goes On Self-Quarantine

When the U.S. House passed an $8.3 billion emergency spending package last week to combat the coronavirus outbreak, Arizona’s Republican Rep. Paul Gosar challenged the tremendous cost. Yet Gosar announced last night that he and his team are going into self-quarantine after it was reported that Gosar had recently spent an extended period of time with someone who has now been diagnosed with COVID-19 at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

“I am not getting any problems at the moment, nor is there any member of my family. Nevertheless, to prevent any potential infection, I will stay at my home in Arizona until the conclusion of the 14-day period following my contact with this man, “Gosar said in a statement posted on his website, adding that he shook hands” several times “with the unknown coronavirus victim.” Therefore, I close my office in Washington, D, out of abundance of caution. For the week, and my team will follow the Tele-Commute Program previously approved,” Gosar continued.


As of Monday morning at least 564 Americans tested positive for coronavirus, up significantly from just 161 cases reported by the CDC last Thursday. At least 22 Americans have disappeared, most of whom are in Washington state. Sixteen of the 22 American deaths were linked to one nursing home.

Rep. Gosar recently ridiculed the Democratic-controlled House’s coronavirus funding plan approved last week, claiming that the money was needless for too few sick people in the U.S. “So the house has passed an estimated $7,700,000 ($7.7 billion) for 80 cases of U.S. corona virus [sic] under review. That is $9,625,000 per case, “tweeted Rep. Gosar on March 4.

Gosar, a dentist by profession who was first elected on the Tea Party surge to Congress in 2010, then claimed that the CDC had all the resources it wanted, something which is obviously not true.

“We’ve already reached CDC $12 billion in 2018, trillions more in 2019,” Gosar tweeted. “The budget was to combat infectious disease rapid response.” Over the last three years, the Trump administration has consistently cut support for the CDC, and the public health department has seriously botched the roll-out of coronavirus testing, leaving the US weeks behind other nations in its ability to test locally. As of Friday, several states had performed less than 50 studies each, which suggests about 2,000 individuals were checked nationwide. Countries such as South Korea and Italy performed hundreds of thousands of tests.

Gosar wasn’t the only CPAC attendee to declare that they would remain in self-quarantine at home for the next two weeks. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who shook a lot of hands at CPAC, also confirmed he would stay home.

“Since the contact was 10 days ago, the normal incubation period was 5-6 days, the interaction was less than a minute, and I have no present symptoms, I was told by the medical authorities that the risks of transmission from the other party to me were extremely low,” said Senator Cruz in a statement.

Rep. Gosar, President Donald Trump’s staunch supporter, thanked the President on Sunday for his treatment of the U.S. coronavirus epidemic, despite the fact that Trump is deliberately spreading misinformation.

“As we know more about COVID-19, it’s important to heed the CDC and medical professionals ‘ advice and guidance,” Gosar said. “President Trump and Vice President Pence have assembled an incredible team, and I have been in contact with the CDC and the House Office of the attending physician.” CPAC, held in National Harbor, Maryland from 26-29 February, hosted some of the biggest stars of the conservative movement, including President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. Anoth.

Last week, when Gaetz showed up in a gas mask, mocking concerns about the coronavirus, he did quite a scene on the House floor. On Friday a woman from the congressional district of Gaetz died of COVID-19.

Many Republicans have argued that the alarm about the coronavirus outbreak is actually misinformation meant to hurt President Trump, and some have even indicated that the situation in China, where more than 80,000 people contracted the disease and more than 3,000 died, might be positive for Americans.

Gosar held a town hall meeting last month, where he assured residents that China’s coronavirus epidemic was a chance for U.S. production to return.

“It will be very important to see what’s going to happen due to this coronavirus,” Gosar said in a video posted to YouTube. “China’s economy is really hampering so this is a chance for America to shine. Our production, our utilities, we will expand on all those things.

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